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Chris Chinchilla (Ex Art Brut) Solo EP, UK, Oz, Japan Tour
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Author:  ChrisChinchilla [ Wed Sep 27, 2006 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Chris Chinchilla (Ex Art Brut) Solo EP, UK, Oz, Japan Tour

Chris Chinchilla, former Art Brut guitarist and songwriter announces the release of his first solo material, an 8 track EP entitled 'Small Gregarious Mammal', a low budget DIY self release with hand made artwork from Artist 'Andy South', and the first from Chris's new project 'Ante Scene', keep an eye open for more on that in the near future. The songs cover a mixture of emotions inspired by events from the last year of Chris's life, observations on people, finding yourself and place in the world and new angles on being dumped by the love of your life, despite some of the melancholic content, the songs are inspiring and rousing, with crowds at gigs singing and dancing along.

The CD and download is a low-key release, primarily to promote his solo Australian tour and will be available from, gigs and smaller retailers, keep an eye on the site for updates. Chris's new band 'Macaca Mulatta' will be releasing a single later in the year.

In support of this and as a consequence of the increasing frustration in gig booking and the attitude of a lot of UK promoters, Chris will be further embracing the DIY approach by embarking on a tour of London open Mic nights, the first few are shown below but again visit for more details of the dates as they will constantly changing. In addition to these dates, Chris's band 'Macaca Mulatta' will be appearing at a couple of dates around the UK, see for more details.

22/9/06 @ Howards Hotel, Sheffield
25/9/06 @ Rhythm Factory, London
27/9/06 @ The River Bar, London
28/9/06 @ Port Mahon, Oxford
29/9/06 @ Dirty South, London
2/10/06 @ The Spice of Life, London
4/10/06 @ The Bullet Bar, London
6/10/06 @ The Railway, Winchester
12/10/06 @ Vics, Swindon

Finally, Chris is pleased to announce an Australia and Japan tour with Abdoujaparov (, country's his old band never made it to, the dates below are fluctuating and subject to change, any organisations or individuals wishing to help Chris out by booking dates, DJ slots, promotional activities or just help out with Logistics are encouraged to get in touch as again this is a DIY tour, all personally funded, booked and organised, any help is appreciated and welcome!

28/10/06 @ Ricks, Brisbane
28/10/06 @ Jubilee Hotel, Brisbane
2/11/06 @ Excelcia, Sydney
10/11/06 @ Rob Roy, Melbourne
11/11/06 @ Weekender, Melbourne
16/11/06 @ Crown & Anchor, Adelaide
17/11/06 @ Mojos, Frementale
18/11/06 @ Hyde Park Hotel, Perth
30/11/06 @ Lush, Tokyo

Below The Surface 6
Featuring Music from Macaca Mulatta, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, James Yorkston and The Athletes, The Needles, The Immediate, Nina Nastasia, Jody Shelton, Snowfight In The City Centre, Doloroso, The Pink Rays, Billy Ruffian, VWF, Rich, Zero 7, The Hedrons, Humanzi.

Download from

Or subscribe at feed://

After a few months break, La Familia Estafez are back and ready for DJ'ing action, take a look at and get in touch if you fancy booking us...

Ante scene & Artful
This years Artful festival is nearly upon us after last years success, I will be launching something similar soon and doing a separate mailout about it (The Aforementioned 'Ante Scene') but in the meantime take a look at their outings at

Chinch out xxx

Author:  arran [ Wed Sep 27, 2006 1:15 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hey Chinch!

I'm in this band you big bloody spam monkey!

....not going to Oz or Japan though.


Author:  Beardless Wonder [ Wed Sep 27, 2006 2:52 pm ]
Post subject: 

Well, my mate is also playing the River Bar (the one by Tower Bridge riiiiight?!), so I'll be there tonight.

If it's the same one, it's free to get to kids.

Author:  Keith [ Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

Didn't you have a single out in the 80s called 'Starting Together'?

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Post subject:  Re: Chris Chinchilla (Ex Art Brut) Solo EP, UK, Oz, Japan To

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Author:  stevend13427 [ Thu Sep 19, 2019 8:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Chris Chinchilla (Ex Art Brut) Solo EP, UK, Oz, Japan To

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Post subject:  Re: Chris Chinchilla (Ex Art Brut) Solo EP, UK, Oz, Japan To

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