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Do you download music from Kazaa, Soulseek etc?
Yes and I don't think it should be classified as illegal. 25%  25%  [ 2 ]
Yes and I know it ain't strictly legal 50%  50%  [ 4 ]
Never have. It ain't right. 25%  25%  [ 2 ]
Total votes : 8
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 Post subject: Downloading Music Poll
PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2003 11:59 pm 
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Bit of a debate going on between me and that nice chap Stalin about downloading illegal music. Feel free to expand on why yes and no.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2003 7:54 pm 
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Erm my vote was really for "Never have - haven't got snazzy enough equipment or the inclination - not too bothered about the rights and wrongs, like buying CDs and LPs, obviously got more money than sense"

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2003 10:57 pm 
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I confess that I've downloaded a total of 4 things ever from Kazaa : a video file of an episode of Pigeon Street (you really can't beat Long Distance Clara), a Damien Rice mp3 (yes I admit it freely), "I'm A Wanker" by long forgotten lyrical gangsta Ivor Biggun (hard to get elsewhere - dunno why?) and some interesting movie footage of a former Home and Away actress - purely for research purposes of course.

I can see why so many people do it so regularly though. I think any blame must lay squarely at the door of the ostrich-esque A&R and record company fat cats, PR departments and even the High Street retailers. They are all jointly responsible for the ridiculous, and more importantly expensive hype, overpriced packaging and blaze of media coverage surrounding most "major" artists - - most of whom are shite (see the fat dancer from Stoke as a prime example) - thus hiking the price to a simply unworthy level in Joe Public's eyes when compared to the mp3 phenomenon.

Therein lies the paradox of the mp3 perhaps.

I certainly don't subscribe to the "ahhhh but if we like the record we'll buy it anyway" theory by the way - not that it matters too much. Whilst some people do that and good on them - I would put it to you that more don't.

And I also believe that the legal issue doesn't really concern that many people (certainly not here in the UK where the BPI (our equivalent to the "mighty" US RIAA) are as legally impotent as a Russian nuclear submariner wearing some very tight underpantskis - thanks to being, yes you guessed it, short of funding).

Those who do get caught file sharing have no grounds to complain in my eyes either. It is theft whichever way you look at it and if you do it you should be mature enough to accept any consequences that may come your way (not bloody likely). Whether the girl splashed all over today's tabloidian press can be judged as being "mature enough" to accept the consequences is debatable I suppose and things like that tend to portray the RIAA as the big bad wolf.

I do think that as long as slsk, kazaa etc survive schemes like HMV's and Virgin's (i.e. pay to download) have zero chance of ever having any sort of realistic commercial sway over the punters - and are a complete waste of time and more money. Nothing but outdated and outclassed by P2P fads dreamt up by dull, tinted windowed BMW 4x4 driving execs in braced-action slacks who still say things like "cool" and "far out" and believe they put out records "the kids".

More people would like to see a good few quid off the price of a CD I think than some harebrained scheme to squeeze yet more cash out of an unresponsive and unimpressed public. I know I would.

Until that happens piracy will continue to rocket - whether it's right or wrong is, in the most part, ultimately inconsequential.

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